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What are Aussie Skip Bags?

Aussie Skip Bags are strong disposable rubbish bags that can be filled with various waste types.

Available in 3 sizes to suit your waste requirements, they can be bought either online or at selected retail hardware stores, and offer great convenience compared to traditional steel skip bins.

When you are ready to fill your Aussie Skip Bag, don't feel pressured, there is no time limit with us. Simply wait until full and then either call us, or hit our Pick-Up button.

Aussie Skip Bags are the flexible solution to waste removal, making it all too easy.

About Pick-Up

Simply click on the Pick-Up button above or call Aussie Skip Bags on 1300 JUNK IT (1300 586 548).

Your Aussie Skip Bag will be removed usually within 5 working days.

Aussie Skip Bags may refuse to pick up any Aussie Skip Bag that contains any banned materials.

About Placement

Your Aussie Skip Bag must be placed within 4 metres of the street or driveway. Your Aussie Skip Bag must be placed on your property, it is against local council regulations to place the Aussie Skip Bag on a public footpath or roadway.

To ensure safe access and removal please note:
The Aussie Skip Bags removal truck will require a 3 metre access driveway and 9 metres of height to collect your bin.

Your Aussie Skip Bag must be placed clear of any overhead obstacles including, tree branches, electric cables and building overhangs.