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As a builder, I previously used traditional Skip Bins. I stumbled across Aussie Skip Bags (not sure how I missed the pink colour before!) for a job where a traditional Skip Bin could not fit on the job site. Ever since, we have continued to always use Aussie Skip Bags. They are cost effective, convenient and lower the cost for our customers. The guys are always reliable and friendly and happy to assist where needed. We would (and always do) highly recommend Aussie Skip Bags to customers, other trades and anyone who will listen.

Thanks Mark and your team for making our job easier.

-- Chris and Kym Campradt, CJC Developments Pty Ltd

After moving interstate we need to clean out the garage of all the boxes and bits that seem to have come with us to the new home. I arranged to have a 3m3 skip bag dropped off.

Time got away from us and about a month later we cleaned the garage. Thankfully it was an Aussie Skip Bag or we would be still paying off one of those metal skip bins!

But I'm sure you know the stories.

Anyway my letter is concerning the guys who looked after me, James and Tex. James was very helpfully on the phone and organised everything and Tex dropped off the bag and then picked it up. It was the old fashion help, a smile, a chat, and nothing was a problem. I was so impressed that I called two friends in the building industry to recommend the guys and Aussie Skip Bags to them, instead of the skips they use.

I have already got my second bag, just in case I need another clean up.

I can't thank James and Tex enough for all their help and time with me.

-- Sharon Faire

Aussie Skip bags, fantastic! Forget the big bulky metal skip bins!

I had so much stuff in my garage it was driving me crazy, but you made everything so easy for me. The bag was really easy to set up, and I was able to fill up the bag when I had the time (no rush to get it done within a week), and the pick up was so easy. All I did was pick up the phone, and BANG, it was gone.

The pink bag also caught my neighbours attention as they drove past. I would happily recommend Aussie Skip Bags to anyone.

-- Wini Kannangara

Aussie Skip Bags were a real solution for us, to what was a real problem.

We had decided to de-clutter the house and clean the yard before spring without taking into account just how much rubbish we had to get rid of. We considered the conventional solutions of either many trips to the dump or a metal bin on the driveway or the front yard which were unrealistic in both price and practicality.

We set up an Aussie Skip Bag in the garage and were able to simply fill it over about a two week period with rubbish from our de-cluttering program and the tidying up of the yard. Once we were finished we simply rang Aussie Skip Bags who arrived on time the next day and simply dragged the bag out through the garage door on to the driveway and loaded it onto the truck.

The whole process only took about 5 minutes and all the rubbish and what could have been a headache was gone.

We would recommend Aussie Skip Bags to anyone looking to clean up around the house or in the yard who wish to have the rubbish removed both cost effectively and hassle free.

-- Dean & Jill

What an easy way to get rid of your trash!

We needed a skip for rubbish removal when setting up our shop. We had limited space to put the bin, just a small car park out the back of the shop. Having access to put a big metal skip bin was just too hard for us and we found the Aussie Skip Bag to be so easy. Just put the bag up when you are ready, and you’re off! No waiting for delivery of the bin, just unfold it!

Being in a busy business area, when they came to pick up the bag someone had parked right in front of the bag blocking our access to the bag. I knew I wouldn’t be able to find the owner of the car and couldn’t get it moved. To my amazement the bag was just picked up by a crane over the car! It was gone! They are able to access the bags in hard to access areas with ease. It was great.

The Aussie skip bag really suited our needs.

-- Kerin Garrett

Appreciate your great service and great product. Rowlo are very happy with the way Aussie Skip Bags are working for the company.
Wish I had a share in the company!!!
Kind Regards

-- Josh Gallagher - Rowlo Constructions