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What type of waste CAN I put in my Aussie Skip Bag?

Household and demolition waste, concrete, soil, clay, rocks, rubble, bricks, sand, asphalt, ceramic & roofing tiles, garden waste, appliances.

What type of waste is NOT allowed in my Aussie Skip Bag?

Liquid waste, liquid paint, asbestos, tyres & batteries from vehicles, poisons, oils, toxic waste, chemicals, medical waste, gas bottles, hazardous waste, food waste, and e-waste.

Maximum Loads

Aussie Skip Bag may refuse to pick up any Aussie Skip Bag that is overweight. Please make sure you fill as per our specialist instructions. Thank you.

The Joey / 1m3MAX. LOAD 200 kgs
The Flyer / 2m3MAX. LOAD 400 kgs
The Boomer / 3m3MAX. LOAD 600 kgs


Your rubbish along with this bag will be divided for recycling where reasonable.

Safety Note

Your Aussie Skip Bag is not made to be moved. Fill your bag where you intend it to be picked up from to avoid damaging structure which may lead to injury.

Please appreciate we can't pick up your Aussie Skip Bag if the following occurs: is damaged, not loaded correctly or positioned properly. Collection fees are not refundable.


Call us on 1300 JUNK IT (586 548) we will give you the info you need or visit for frequently asked questions.

The Aussie Skip Bag & how it's done

Put your Aussie Skip Bag on your property, no more than 4 metres from the kerb or driveway.

Make sure no DIY leftovers, building waste, junk or garden garbage sticks out or over the top. Important: Only fill heavy material waste to 20cm.*

Order a pick-up online at

* Must keep all heavy materials to the bottom 20cm of the bag only. ie concrete, soil etc. Fill top of bag with lighter materials and make sure all waste is inside the bag and not overflowing. Additional charges may also apply to overweight Aussie Skip Bags.

Quick Tip

To keep the sides straight when filling, roll them down outwards.
As you fill bag, roll them back up.

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